Emily (thereisdiscord) wrote,

Meanwhile in Japan....

We're all kind of caught between detachment, worry, and a strange sense of safety. I'm in Osaka, very far from the epicenter and surrounded by mountains, so there isn't really a threat of tsunamis here. We felt the earthquake, but that was about it. We kinda torture ourselves by discussing where we might be taken if they evacuate us.

Another one is predicted for my area in 3 days, but I don't have any solid reliable information on this other than like...quakeprediction.com so yeah.

Everyone that I know in Tokyo and other Northern parts of Japan is safe, but they are still trying to reach entire towns. People are worried about the Fukushima nuclear reactor, but I personally believe that it's safe. Fukushima has well designed underground containment and they surrounding areas have been evacuated.

I have been doing some research on the 1995 Hanshin (Hanshin being the combination of the names for Kobe and Osaka in kanji) earthquake since we are very close to Kobe and I just visited. It was only a 6.8, but there was great devastation in Kobe. This most recent quake was much, much stronger.

A lot of my friends and I were planning on heading up to Tokyo next week for our spring break. Now I think we're stuck in Osaka. Oy.
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